6 Methods To Safe Wasp Removal

Published: 21st August 2009
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Wasps are stinging insects that have the ability to sting repeatedly. One or two flying around the house may not be very dangerous but when you find a number of wasps flying around, then be sure that there is a hive nearby. It can be in your porch, attic, shed or any other place that you have not been seeing lately.

Methods of Removal
The first word in wasp removal is precaution. You need to get dressed properly. Rubber clothing is ideal as the wasps can easily sting through woolen and cotton clothes. Also get your face covered with suitable netting as the wasps can directly fly towards you. Finally you should have someone to assist you in the job. He should be preferably a person with calm composition who does not panic once the wasps start flying around. Always remove and destroy the wasp nests before sunrise or after the sunset. That's because this is the time when they remain less active.

Here are some quick and safe ways of wasp removal:

• Use petrol or kerosene to destroy the underground wasp nests. It is a job of at least two people. Pour the fuel into the mouth of the nest and cover it instantly with a heavy wet cloth. This will stop any wasp from flying out. There is no need to light a fire as the fumes are enough to suffocate and kill the wasps.

• The professional pest control people use a special object called pressurized bombs for wasp removal. You can use it too, provided you are aware of the use. The user instructions always accompany these bombs. Make sure you read them thoroughly before using them. To kill the wasps you should stand a few feet away from the nest and aim the bomb right at the mouth of the nest. If you can just aim near the mouth, even then it will do its job.

• To get rid of the hanging nests you can make a fire beneath it. Make sure that you generate a lot of smoke. The smoke tends to choke the wasps. In this process some wasps are sure to die while the others may leave the hive permanently. Once the wasps have left. Take off the hive and destroy it.

• You can easily make a good wasp catcher from some household items. Wasps have a tendency to get attracted to sweet and sugary substances. So here is a trap to get rid of the one or two wasps flying around your house. Half fill an empty milk can with sugar syrup and hang it out in the garden by the handle. Make a hole in the lid for the wasps to get in. when the wasps get into the can their wings get wet with sugar syrup and they eventually drown.

• Another way to keep out the wasps during a garden party is to hang out few pieces of beef liver a little far from the party site. A few inches down tie a bowl or a can filled with soap water. The wasps get attracted to the liver, gorge on it and eventually fall into the soap water which kills them by clogging their airways.

Finally you can easily remain free from all hassles for a fee. Just call in the pest control people and ask them to do the wasp removal for you. They will be more than happy to serve you.

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