Graduate salary survey in Singapore

Published: 01st September 2009
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Singapore is one of the most sought after job venues. Each year thousands of graduates pass out from best graduate school in Singapore and many other institutes offering professional course. The main aim for such students is to land up with a lucrative job in their sector. Though the economic recession has hit the job sectors of countries far and wide it has least affected the job scenario in Singapore. The credit goes to the Singapore government and the Universities in Singapore. Taking into consideration the changing job world there are many innovative courses that are offered at these institutes.

So are you a freshly passed graduate from one of the best graduate school in Singapore? Do you want to know the average salary for the position you want to apply for? Then there are things that you will find of great use. The best paying sectors in Singapore job market are sectors related to management, medicine, finance, law, administrative, engineering and shipping. In order to land up with a top profile job in Finance you need to undergo Master in Finance course while there are various law schools throughout Singapore who help you to get a degree in Law. Singapore is also proud of its Singapore MBA courses. Some of these institutes offer a graduate diploma certification while others give you certificates for Master in Human resources or Master in Marketing.

In recent times Singapore has witnessed that for the senior executive's position, candidates are mostly selected from internationally accredited universities. MBA in Singapore or an Executive Master of Science is the best career option at the moment that will surely land you up with a great job. Some of the international Universities in Singapore such as INSEAD, Chicago and Baruch College, The City University of New York and Aventis makes sure that major MNCs and agencies conduct networking sessions for their students.

Some of the other best paying careers along with their indicative monthly is given below:

Doctors and Physicians: The specialized surgeons and the neuro-surgeons are the highest paid in this profession while the general physicians and surgeons get lower salaries.

Specialized surgeon - $ 30,755
General Surgeon - $ 17,872
General Physician - $ 6,173.

Managerial Posts: These are the people who get high salaries though the range differs with experience and job responsibility. Having an MBA Singapore degree is important in this sector.

Managing Director - $ 24,472
General Manager - $ 16,667
Company Director - $ 15,513
Operations Manager (Finance) - $9,808
Computer and Information System Manager - $8,930
Personnel/ Human Resource Manager - $8,420
Business Development Manager - $ 8,290
Marketing Manager - $8000
Advertising and Public Relations Manager - $7,533
Sales Manager - $7,100

Finance: According to the statistics of 2008 this was the most lucrative sector. Though the sector has been hit hard by the recession but it still has a great career prospect.

Commodities and Futures Broker - $17,464
Foreign Exchange Dealer and Broker - $11,095
Fund Manager - $8,125
Budgeting and Financial Accounting Manager - $8,000
Personal Banker - $ 6,250
Financial Analyst - $6,000
Securities Dealer and Broker - $5,750
Actuary - $5,100
Credit Analyst - $4,631

The top doctors and architects are the most paid professional at the moment within Singapore on the other hand the engineers seem to be the most underpaid of the lot.

Mark Jonathon teaches, coaches executive master programs and master programs Singapore.The author is an expert in MBA courses offered in Singapore. He has an in-depth knowledge on different types of MBA courses on offer. The author provides recommendations and effective advice to the MBA aspirants who are opting for MBA in Singapore

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