Know The Air Charter Helicopter Types Before You Hire One

Published: 25th August 2009
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Air charter helicopters are available for varied purposes from business to leisure travel, but most people who decide to hire charter helicopter services are not aware of the different options they have. Know about the air charter helicopter types before hiring, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Helicopters are generally classified into three main types:

• Light piston engines: Helicopters having this type of engine have two or three seats with speed ranging from 80 - 110 miles per hour. Their initial costs are also pretty low.

• Light turbine helicopters: These types of helicopters are very quick and extremely popular throughout the world. Jet Ranger is one such type of helicopter that is most suitable for helicopter charter and is highly preferred for this purpose. Light Turbine helicopters are mostly useful for business purposes.

• Twin engine helicopters: The price range of this type of helicopters is on the higher side, but they are worth the price. They are much faster compared to the above two and are also quite safe. Twin engine helicopters can travel to places where other types of helicopters can't.

Mentioned below are some of the helicopter types that are popularly used for air charter flights:

• Aerospatiale Squirrel: This four to five-seater helicopter is an ideal one for sightseeing as well as corporate and VIP transport. The Aerospatiale AS350 Single Squirrel has a remarkable rear seat visibility and is quite spacious and comfortable. These helicopters are also available with twin engines, with the ability to fly at night. Due to their low operating costs and excellent performance, they are one of the most preferred air charter options.

• Bell Jetranger: These helicopters have regularly shown outstanding performance irrespective of their use. They are the most dependable and economical helicopters available for charter. Bell's four-seater Jetranger is considered the most adaptable helicopter in the world. The six-seater Bell Longranger is best for those who are looking for more space.

• Eurocopter EC120: This 5-seater helicopter with low operating costs and great performance is designed to provide maximum comfort to the passengers.

• Sikorsky 76: The Sikorsky 76 offers a lot of space and deluxe air-conditioned cabin plus armchair seating arrangement. It is one of the biggest civilian helicopters that is available for executive air charter services. This six- to twelve-seater helicopter is a preferred choice for its speed, range and reliability - truly the premier VIP helicopter in the world!

• Eurocopter EC155: Eurocopter EC155 is a 5-seater air charter helicopter. Its specialties include a five blade main rotor that helps in a smoother flight, twin engines and a noise canceling system. This modern cabin class helicopter first entered the market in 1998. Eurocopter EC155 no doubt stands out among VIP helicopters in terms of luxury, space and performance.

• Agusta 109: This six-seater helicopter is one of the fastest twin engine helicopters used for air charter. The performance of A109 has improved remarkably over the years. It is now regarded as the most popular twin engine helicopter for VIPs. With the introduction of A109E POWER the helicopter has now achieved higher levels of speed, comfort and payload. It has better safety standards for operating from restricted or elevated landing sites, even at its maximum operative weight.

The type of helicopter you select will depend on your air charter requirements. Whether you need an air charter aircraft for your business purposes or leisure, it is advisable to take suggestions from experts to get the best deals.

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