Phazzer: The Best Stun Gun, Self Defense Choice: 8 Reasons To Buy A Phazzer Stun Gun

Published: 29th May 2009
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Have you ever had the uneasy experience of walking in the street or to your car late at night, all the time worrying that someone was watching - or following - you? In moments like that, wouldn't it be comforting to know that you had a self defence device to buy you time... just in case?

The Phazzer, a combination low cost taser and stun gun that's easy to use, could be your partner in maximizing your security in such situations. In fact, there are at least eight great reasons to buy Phazzer's self-protection stun gun today:

1. You Deserve to Feel Safe- Phazzer is a Non Lethal Solution

No one should ever feel like a "sitting duck". With the Phazzer by your side or in your purse/bag, you'll always enjoy a measure of self protection and self defense, wherever you go.

2. The Phazzer is Discreet

The Phazzer taser fits discreetly into a small space, meaning you won't feel as if you're lugging around a large object. It can easily be stored in a tote bag, backpack or briefcase for maximum convenience.

3. Stun Guns Like Phazzers are Humane Ways of Stopping Criminals

If you're concerned about stopping a would-be criminal but you don't want to use lethal force, the Phazzer is the ideal solution. It renders an individual unable to move within 2-5 seconds and keeps him or her immobile for long enough to get you to a safe place.

4. The Phazzer is Affordable- Only $ 299 when compared to the Taser C2 that sells for $ 350

As a buyer of a taser, you need to watch your wallet; however, you don't want to turn to a cheap or poorly-constructed product. The Phazzer stun gun has been manufactured to be of the highest quality. It's tough on crime but easy on your bank account, retailing for quite a bit less than its competition, the pricier Taser C2 model that sells for $ 350.

5. The Phazzer Can Be Shipped directly to your doorstep.

Don't want to go out and buy a Phazzer in person? No problem! The Phazzer can be ordered online and sent right to your home or office (within shipping ranges.) No criminal background check is required, either., unlike the Taser C2 requires you to have a criminal background check and pay a fee for it.

6. The Phazzer Comes in Four Different Shades

Though color isn't the most important criteria when purchasing a stun gun, it does hold weight with certain buyers. This is the main reason that the Phazzer comes in black, silver, dark gray and even pink to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

7. The Phazzer exceeds expectation in Tests

The Phazzer has done exceptionally well in initial tests. Not only is it effective, but it's perfect for the individual who has no training in law enforcement techniques.

8. The Phazzer is Easy to Understand

The Phazzer is simple to operate, making it a useful tool. Phazzer's designers have made certain that our product is straightforward to maximize its performance and the consumer's security.

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